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新連載! 堀川伝大東流 “やわらの術理”

月刊秘伝2024年5月号(から隔月で、合気への道程を示す 堀川伝大東流“やわらの術理”の連載が始まりました。大東流に残された多くの謎に迫ります。...






Welcome to Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Koshinkai

This group studies the Aikijujutsu transmitted from Horikawa Kodo Shihan, who learned the whole curriculum of Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu from his master Takeda Sokaku including Jujutsu, Aikijujutsu and weapon techniques.

The Appeal of Aiki Techniques

Among the thirty thousand students of Takeda Sokaku, the “interim reviver” of Daito-ryu, Horikawa Kodo was the one who inherited the Oshikiuchi (court martial art of the Aizu samurais) Aiki techniques. These Aiki techniques, overcoming the crisis of near extinction, were passed down miraculously to the present day.

The world of Aiki is soft and mysterious. Aiki is like being gently covered with floss and has a fresh charm. I got attracted to this characteristic and since I started my training and research more than thirty years have passed.

During my Daito-ryu training, I have been receiving private instructions for twelve years from Shimbo Tatsuo Shihan who was Horikawa Kodo’s favorite disciple.

The training with him became a precious time of my life. The only phrase that can express this time is that in the Daitoryu jumble of wheat and chaff, I’m strongly attracted to the world of pure Aiki techiques handed down from Horikawa sensei and couldn’t abandon it.

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